• Medical Skills & Biomedical


    The Medical Skills & Biomedical Academy has three main strands: Agriscience, Allied Health, and Sports Medicine

  • Agriscience


    The Agriscience strand consists of three substrands: Horticulture Science & Services, Plant Biotechnology, and Veterinary Assisting

  • Allied Health


    The Allied Health strand has five substrands: First Responder, Health Unit Coordinator, Nursing Assisting, Electrocardiograph Aide (EKG), and Pharmacy Aide

  • Sports Medicine


    The Sports Medicine strand consists of Health Promotion for Fitness

  • HOSA


    The Health Occupation Students of America is a National Career and Technical Student Organization (CTSO) endorsed by the Department of Education and Health Occupations Education Divisions of the Association for Career and Technical Education. It is not a club, but an instructional tool used in the classroom.

  • National FFA


    The National FFA focuses on Agricultural Education. Students studying agriscience may participate in the National FFA.

Mission Statement

The John A. Ferguson Medical Academy is designed to expose students interested in careers in biotechnology, veterinary assisting, and other health related professions to the highest quality specialized vocational preparation, education, and training as part of their overall educational high school experience.


In order for students to become Academy Completers, students will have to: