• Information Technology


    The IT Academy at Ferguson consists of four strands, each with their own course content.

  • Digital Design

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    This course is designed to develop basic entry-level skills required for careers in the digital publishing industry. The content includes computer skills; digital publishing concepts and operations; layout, design, and measurement activities; decision-making activities; and digital imaging.

  • Networking


    This course is designed to develop competencies needed for employment in network support positions. The content includes instruction in computer literacy, basic hardware configuration, hardware and software troubleshooting, operating systems, and computer networking.

  • Programming


    In this course, students learn computer programming concepts and languages for business applications, gaming, and robotics.

  • Web Design


    This course is designed to provide an introduction to information technology concepts and careers as well as the impact information technology has on the world, people, and industry and basic web design concepts.

Mission Statement

We aim to develop technically proficient students that are able to utilize technology as a tool to enhance their learning experience. In addition, since students specialize in one of the four strands of IT, they are able to develop an in-depth level of knowledge, and better prepare themselves to pursue an advanced degree in their chosen area of study.


In order for students to become Academy Completers, students will have to:


Students can obtain the following Certifications: