From:                                         Acosta-Leon, Armandina

Sent:                                           Monday, October 18, 2010 10:20 AM

To:                                               7121teachers

Subject:                                     Report Card Codes/Comments







01           Receiving bilingual instruction in this subject.          

02           Language Arts/Reading grade received within the ESOL grade.

03           Please arrange for a parent/teacher conference.           

04           Understands and accepts responsibility.                   

05           Receiving instruction in English using ESOL strategies.

06           Demonstrates qualities of a model student.

07           Puts forth maximum effort; very cooperative.              

08           Requires close supervision.                               

09           Requires special help in following directions.            

10           Needs improvement in classroom behavior.                  

11           Absences/Tardies have seriously affected progress.        

12           Possesses leadership qualities.                           

13           Is very self-directive; can work independently.           

14           Fails to complete required assignments.                   

15           Shows excellent class attitude.                           

16           Much improvement shown this grading period.               

17           Well prepared for class.                                  

18           Does not participate.                                     

19           Unprepared for class.                                      

24           Credit withheld due to excessive unexcused absences.      

25           Dual language instruction is provided in this subject.         

26           No grade awarded due to student's alternate assignment.        

29           Grade withheld pending parent/teacher conference.              

31           Insufficient attendance for grade.                             

32           Summer school recommended.                                     

33           Grade assigned is average of grades accumulated to this point. 

34           Met computer literacy requirement.                             

35           Met community service requirement.                             

36           Demonstrates exemplary community service.                      

39           No grade received because of limitations in evaluating progress.

40           Override comment 45                                            

41           Receiving academic assistance in this subject.                 

42           Needs to be supervised when completing homework.               

45           Low academic performance could cause retention in this grade.  

46           No longer taking this subject.                                 

47           Requires assistance and/or prompting to complete tasks         

48           Curriculum has been modified                                   

49           No final grade assigned due to limited time of enrollment.     

50           Grade earned at another location.