Uniform Policy   [Printable Uniform Letter]
Dear Parents, Guardians, and Students:
The John A. Ferguson Senior High School community has adopted a Uniform Policy and Mandatory Dress Code for the school year. This uniform program has been designed to assist us in easily identifying our students, instilling pride and respect, and in assisting you in keeping cost to a minimum. Uniforms may be purchased at any local uniform store or department store. Currently, Ibiley is our uniform company.
The following are acceptable uniforms:
  • Black, khaki, or gray pants
  • Black, white, or gray polo shirts
  • Black, white, or gray button-down shirts
  • Jeans on Friday (when announced)
Our Dress Code requires:
  • No mid-driff showing
  • Closed shoes are required, no sandals
  • No parachute or Brazilian/low-cut pants
  • No shorts are permitted
  • No hats/caps or other head wear
With prior approval from the administration, and as part of our attendance incentive program, students will have the option of wearing jeans on Fridays. The school Dress Code policy will continue to be enforced as indicated in the Student Handbook. We have made our uniform policy easy for all students to comply with.
Should you have any questions or concerns regarding school uniform policies or procedures, please feel free to contact Mr. Stanley Thompkins, Assistant Principal at 305-408-2700.