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Hero Parent Flyer


Chorus Concerts

In Auditorium

May 3rd, 2019 @ 7pm (Spring)

Presale: $5.00 At the door: $8.00


Take Your Child to Work Day Form

Age restrictions are from 8-18

Turn into attendance office by Jan. 28th, 2019


Goat Yoga

We will be hosting 3 goat yoga classes in January and we partner with an amazing yoga instructor from Red Cheetah Yoga. This is open to the public and the proceeds will be going to fund the goat team’s competitions later on in the year.

Grooming Enrollment Form

By appointment only and if you would like to make an appointment, please The grooming enrollment form is for any dog that comes in for doggy day care and grooming.

California Wildfires Donations

The FFA chapter will be collecting donations for some of the animal victims affected by the California Wildfires for the next 2 weeks.










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